How's your portfolio doing?


Are you a sad panda? 

Because I certainly am.

Crypto Sad Panda is a personal project of mine to embrace cryptocurrency movements while you are deep in trouble. Well, you are not, really. Just that ... maybe it feels like it.

Or actually, maybe you are in trouble.

Regardless of how you are doing with your portfolio, that's alright. Let us be the holder onwards. Let us be sad and proud at the same time. 

Still sad to see my portfolio, or maybe I don't pay attention at all. Because it makes me sad.

 —That's where this project came to be.

I would like anyone who is interested and/or invested to take this opportunity to enjoy and embrace our sadness. 
Sad Panda



Designed merch that represents Crypto Sad Panda.


AI-generated images to represent sad panda. 
Check out


Blog posts that are generated by AI tool.


Just overall undertone of cute sadness that is no where near to be found around cryptocurrency.
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